Ultimate Survival Alaska. National Geographic Channel. Stay tuned for updates on Season 3…

Ultimate Survival Alaska is an Alaskan adventure series airing on the National Geographic Channel. Marty Raney, along with eleven other survivalists, compete for one prize: survival. Each episode features different terrain and new challenges as the survivalists test their skills in the depths of some of the world’s most unforgiving land: the Alaskan wilderness. Find out why Alaska truly is “The Last Frontier” and stay tuned as the survivalists explore Alaska’s backcountry.

For more information about Ultimate Survival Alaska, visit National Geographic’s site for the show by clicking on the site link below:


Team Mountaineers: Marty Raney

Introducing…Team Mountaineers! Check out Marty’s  all-Alaskan team from Season 2. Check back for updates on the upcoming season…


Root for Team Mountaineers!

Click on the link below to check out National Geographic Channel’s Competition Tracker for this season’s survivalists on Ultimate Survival Alaska!  Vote now! Go Team Mountaineers!

Season 2 voting

Ultimate Survival Alaska Premiere Party

Watch a clip from the premiere party for Ultimate Survival Alaska, hosted at the Raney home! Marty demonstrates how Alaskans cut their cake…


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