Marty Raney. Filmography.

Raney Ranch (Discovery Channel): Host, Consultant, Producer

Homestead Rescue (Discovery Channel): Host, Consultant, Producer

Ultimate Survival Alaska (National Geographic Channel): Talent, Musician, Alaskan mountain man

Spirit of Alaska:Denali climbing guide

Surviving Denali (Emmy Award-Winning): Sound man

Han-Denali: Talent, guide, and musician

Climb Against the Odds (PBS): Guide, talent, and 2nd cameraman

The Great Summit Series, McKinley: Grand Mountain of the Far North (NHK): Talent and musician

An Idiot Abroad (BBC): Talent, guide, and musician

Strummit from the Summit: Talent, guide, 1st cameraman, and musician

The High One (China, US): Talent and musician

An Uphill Battle, the 1999 Denali Expedition (Emmy Award-Winning): Talent, musician, and guide