Marty Raney Speaks at Dark Winter Nights Event in Fairbanks, Alaska, on November 21, 2015

Marty Raney places a phone call to his mother, live on stage, and sings her his hit song, “I Really Caribou You.”

Marty Raney Speaks at the Performing Arts Center in Anchorage, Alaska

Arctic Entries is a community-based organization in Anchorage, Alaska. Monthly, the organization looks for individuals that would be well-suited to speak on a chosen topic. On Tuesday, November 12, 2013, Marty Raney took the stage at Anchorage’s Performing Arts Center to speak to a sold out audience of 800! The topic was Close Calls: Brushes with Fame, Fortune, and Death. Marty’s discussion focused on his passion for living in and among this beautiful state and how he was approached to be a participant and later, become the star, of National Geographic Channel’s Ultimate Survival Alaska. The show was a great success!

Listen to the audio from Marty’s speech by clicking on the link below!

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Musical Performance at Hotel Alyeska

Marty Raney, along with his son, Matt Raney, and daughter, Melanee Stiassny (Raney) perform to eclectic audiences at Hotel Alyeska. Check out this video of Marty, Melanee, and Matt: