The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.

- Henry David Thoreau

Marty Raney. Alaska. Adventure.

The call of the wild is heard by few,
Its whisper rides the wind:
It turns his head and heart true North,
And the cold breeze beckons him.
He burns the bridges behind him,
But the flames light the path indeed:
Off to the edge of nowhere,
Last of a dying breed.
~Marty Raney

Marty Raney is an Alaskan. A mountain climber. A singer/songwriter. These passions, mountains, and music, have united at the summit of Denali. Taking it to the next level, he built a guitar shaped like the state of Alaska. A log home builder, a stone mason. A subsistence hunter and a fisherman. And at the end of every day, a hardworking Alaskan.

“If that bus could talk…”

“It was always about Alaska. It was always about the adventure…” ~Marty Raney

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Marty Website Album

Check out Marty’s new album titled “If that bus could talk…”. The album includes 14 ALL NEW songs, written and performed by Marty Raney. As to be expected, Marty’s new album features several Alaskan-themed songs which detail his life and adventures in and among Alaska’s pristine wilderness and awe-inspiring wildlife. Marty’s title track, “If that bus could talk…”, tells the touching story of well-known American adventure enthusiast, Chris McCandless, who spent his remaining days in a Fairbanks City Transit bus nestled near Denali National Park. Marty’s new album is now available for purchase on iTunes, Google Play, CD Baby, Amazon, and 40 other top internet sites. To order a physical copy of Marty’s CD, visit Add Marty’s unique Alaskan music to your collection today!

Marty Raney: If That Bus Could Talk...

“I Really Caribou You”

Marty’s Hit Song is Finally Available to the Public to Download and Purchase!

“I Really Caribou You” by Marty Raney is without a doubt, Marty’s most well-known song, receiving over 100,000 internet hits in an attempt to find out more about Marty and his music. This song is featured on numerous climbing films and television broadcasts: Climb Against the Odds (PBS) and the hit BBC travel series, “An Idiot Abroad,” among them. After many years of this song in circulation, but never available for purchase, “I Really Caribou You” is now available to bring into your homes through iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, and many other sites! To purchase “I Really Caribou You,” click on the link below or navigate to the ‘Music’ tab on this website. Also, watch the video below, as Marty sings this familiar tune to Karl Pilkington of “An Idiot Abroad,” in the frigid northern land of Alaska!

Marty Raney: Strummit from the Summit


Marty Raney Sings “I Really Caribou You” to Karl
Pilkington on “An Idiot Abroad 2″ (BBC)