The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.

- Henry David Thoreau

Marty Raney. Alaska. Adventure.

Marty Raney is an Alaskan. A mountain climber. A singer/songwriter. These passions: mountains, and music, have united at the summit of Denali. Taking it to the next level, he built a guitar shaped like the state of Alaska. A log home builder, a stone mason. A subsistence hunter and a fisherman. And at the end of every day, a hardworking Alaskan.

The call of the wild is heard by few,
Its whisper rides the wind,
It turns his head and heart true North,
And the cold breeze beckons him.
He burns the bridges behind him,
But the flames light the path indeed,
Off to the edge of nowhere,
Last of a dying breed.
~Marty Raney


Homestead Rescue. Discovery Channel

Marty Raney, along with his daughter, Misty, and son, Matt, host a new show on Discovery Channel. Through hard work, creativity, and innovation, the Raneys offer guidance and expertise to families living off grid. Will the homesteaders fail or will they succeed? Stay tuned…


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Marty Raney. Music.

“It was always about Alaska. It was always about the adventure…” ~Marty Raney

As an Alaskan mountain guide, Marty Raney is the only person to have carried his guitar to the top of Denali, playing and singing from the highest point in North America. Multiple times. Over the course of his 40+ years in Alaska, ranging from Ketchikan to Point Barrow and from Kodiak to Coldfoot, an eclectic body of Alaskan music has been created. His songs have found their way into radio, TV, and film. Those interested in truly original music, written and performed by Alaskan, Marty Raney, are invited to listen. Please navigate to the links below to preview and purchase each of Marty’s albums: “Strummit from the Summit,” and his newest album, “If that bus could talk…”:


Marty Raney. Life in Alaska.

Marty Raney Plays Guitar and Sings on Top of Denali

ALASKA SPORTING JOURNAL: “Help for Those in Homestead Hell” by Chris Cocoles

Check out Marty’s interview in July’s issue of Alaska Sporting Journal! The Raney family are featured on pages 17-30. Click on the Alaska Sporting Journal cover below to read about Marty and his family’s amazing journey.

Alaska Sporting Journal