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About the photographs in this gallery

Many of the photographs in this gallery showcase Marty’s passion for the outdoors. All of the photographs of Denali have been taken during Marty’s countless expeditions up the highest mountain in North America. As you will see in the slideshow, Marty ALWAYS packs a guitar on his back when climbing Denali! Additionally, you will see photographs of Marty’s annual moose and caribou hunt, in which his family utilizes mules to traverse the high mountain peaks. Finally, there are a couple of photographs that showcase Marty Raney’s notoriety in the climbing world as he was included in two exhibits at the Anchorage Museum. The photo of Marty standing next to a giant portrait of himself is from an exhibit named ‘After’ at the Anchorage Museum. It won 1st place in the renowned Banff Film and Photo Contest and has been touring around the museum circuit nationwide. The exhibit showcases the faces of climbers returning to basecamp. In Marty’s case: 29 days. The photograph of Marty’s guitar encased in glass showcases Marty in another touring museum exhibit. It is museum-worthy as it is the first guitar ever taken to the top of Denali (by Marty, of course!).

Marty Raney’s YouTube Channel

Visit Marty Raney’s YouTube Channel! Here, you will find videos that will give you some insight into Marty’s life. In particular, you will find videos of Marty performing music on top of Denali, singing to Karl Pilkington from the hit BBC travel series, An Idiot Abroad, sledding down Denali, running from avalanches, and more! Check it out by clicking on the YouTube link below:


Featured Videos

Marty calling in a pack of wolves deep in the Alaskan wilderness during Fall 2015.

Miles and Marty packing out a set of locked moose horns weighing 85 pounds.