Marty Raney. Music.

Alaska inspires all, yet in various ways. It has moved many to photograph it. It compels others to write books about it. Poets, writers, and musicians immerse themselves in the deluge of unsurpassed wildness, unparalleled beauty, and pristine landscapes void of man’s footprint. It is this same landscape that inspired Marty to write poems, learn the guitar, and convert his poems to music.

If you’re looking for the Alaskan experience captured in words, played on an Alaska-shaped guitar, and written and sang by a true Alaskan character, you’ve come to the right campfire.

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Anchorage Folk Festival. Anchorage, Alaska. 2013.

Check out Marty’s performance at the Anchorage Folk Festival 2013. Marty takes the stage with three of his Alaskan-themed songs!