Marty Raney. Trivia.

  • Marty is known worldwide as the mountain climber who packs a guitar and plays on top of Denali.

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  • In the 1970s, the Raney family went over Chilkoot Pass. Children’s ages: 2, 4, 6, and 8.


  • The Raneys are the only family of six (husband, wife and four kids) who have all climbed Denali.


  • Oldest son, Miles Raney, has logged over 200,000 kilometers on a mountain bike around the globe, all on the road (and trail) less traveled.


  • Marty is noted for the first cell phone call ever off the top of Denali, becoming a commercial.


  • Marty designed and built the only guitar shaped like the state of Alaska. Obviously, only Alaskan songs are played on it.


  • Probably, as a mason, laid more natural stone than anybody in the state of Alaska for 33 years, virtually seven days per week, which is why he wrote the song, “Gnawing the Burnt Crust of Failure.”


  • C.F. Martin & Co. heard about Marty playing guitar on Denali expeditions. They approached him about taking a prototype Martin guitar on Denali to test its durability, as it would be marketed as a traveler guitar. Sufficed to say, that guitar went into production and is currently being sold all over the world: the mini Martin guitar. Vern Tejas has played it on all seven summits.



  • What was the first song Marty played with his guitar on top of Denali (20,320’)? “I Really Caribou You”


  • 2nd song: “Frère Jacques” with three Frenchmen with one leg…each. Yes, on the summit.


  • 3rd song: “Strummit from the Summit.” Marty Raney: guitar. Vern Tejas: homemade fiddle nicknamed “Stratavernius.” (live video can been seen on this website)


  • Marty built the only solid stone house in Alaska and is currently building one out of solid stone even bigger (four stories high).


  • Subsistence life: Just 60 days in the Alaskan life of the Raney family: dipnetted 100 red salmon, caught 16 halibut, shot a caribou, and a record Dall sheep. Marty’s son, Miles, harvested a 74.5 inch moose while subsistence hunting.

Marty Miles 75 Inch Moose Alaska                 IMG_9742